Community Manager (Information Technology)

Bio Passport: Japan Languages: Japanese, English, conversational Korean School: Yokohama International School (Yokohama, Japan) College: Smith College (Massachussets, USA) Company: currently at Google Japan (Tokyo, Japan) Career profile I work at Google as a Community Manager (CM). CMs are quite rare in Japan, although it is a widely known profession in foreign countries, especially in … Continue reading Community Manager (Information Technology)


Boston University and Finance 2009-2013

High School: YIS | Passport: China | Other┬áCountries: Japan, USA Degrees: B.A. Economics, B.S. Business Administration | Industry: Start-up / Finance College and University Culture Boston University is one of the most international colleges in the United States. The business school (Questrom School of Business) may be the most international of all - maybe with … Continue reading Boston University and Finance 2009-2013